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January 13, 2017 by

Toula is a magician. She takes a real building, and recreates it many times smaller, in clay. Walking through her studio is like being Gulliver in Lilliput — everything is a fraction of the original size, the same as the original, only smaller. As a testimonial, let me share the following story:

The original St. Albert railway station is located at the Alberta Railway Museum in Edmonton. The Museum celebrated the station’s centennial in September of 2009. As our guests, we had invited the couple who had last served as the station’s agent, the Sadlers. Mrs. Sadler was very happy to come back and tour the station. It was her favourite home. As a thank-you for attending, we presented the Sadler’s with a  clay replica of the St. Albert station that Toula had sculpted. The Sadlers were delighted to have the clay replica of their favourite home. They went home with a smile on their face, and with their favourite home carefully wrapped up in the back seat.