Gregory Cikatz

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January 13, 2017 by


I reached out to Toula with a series of pictures of my childhood home and asked her if she would be able to create a miniature ceramic version of the house as a gift to my parents.  Each Christmas season, my mother puts together a very elaborate Christmas Village – it is one of her many joys from the holiday season.  As a gift to her and my father, my siblings and I wanted to give her a new addition to add to her collection – a Christmas village sized replica of their home.

After discussing the project with Toula and focusing on specific questions (colors, sizes, added decor, etc…), she said that she would be able to create it no problem.  Toula sent me a couple of pictures along the way to show me per amazing progress.  When she sent me the final picture showing me the finished product, I was amazed at the accuracy and could not wait to have it in hand.  Toula carefully wrapped it and shipped it to me (Connecticut, USA), and it arrived shortly afterwards without any issue.

My mother absolutely loved the house and it has since become one of her most prized pieces.  She loves it so much that she intends to keep it out all-year long.  Toula created an absolutely amazing piece and my family and I cannot thank her enough.  The amount of details – down to the individual bricks and the individual shingles on the roof, are stunning.  And the fact that she incorporated holes in the bottom of the piece to add in a decorative light, it makes it that much more amazing.  Thank you very much Toula!