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Toula Prins - Clay Artist

Born in Thessalonica, Greece, Toula moved to Canada in 1977, after she met her husband, Reg. They settled happily in Sturgeon County, near Gibbons, Alberta and quickly began the business of raising a family.
Of the many challenges she faced – learning how to fit into a new culture, becoming a farm wife and raising 4 children – finding an outlet for her creative spirit, became a journey that led her to the art and craft of pottery.

In 1987 Toula enrolled in a pottery class with the Sturgeon Pottery Guild. While exploring the many techniques of this craft she came to discover that she was inexorably drawn to hand building. “I have always loved working with my hands,” she says, “ there is something very satisfying about feeling the clay, this substance from the earth, and seeing what I can create from it.” Then, one Christmas, the desire for a small village to place beneath her tree led her to create a series of small, Greek-influenced houses that were a pure delight, both in the making and in the final result.

Friends, family and visitors remarked on the simple beauty of these small whimsical houses and soon began asking if she had any for sale. As word of her talent spread, requests followed for her to make miniature replicas of family homes. Thus, her business, Toula’s House of Clay was born. Utilizing photographs, drawings, and people’s treasured memories, she can recreate, in miniature, the special places of their lives.

Toula’s artistic passion, creative flair, and unerring eye for detail and colour, all take their origin from her birthplace in Greece. The lively colours, freeform design and whimsical fancy of some of her original creations are highly evident of this Mediterranean background.

Her work has been featured in several of Edmonton’s finest galleries as well as in local newspapers and magazines. Most recently, she was featured on Global Edmonton Television, on the Our Town segment.



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